Ski Lesson

Our lesson covers all levels from beginners kick off to advanced players.


Foundation Course 基礎課程  – Skiing Level 1

Pre-requisition : First timer or been ski for a few time without taken any ski lesson 適合從未接觸雙板滑雪之人仕

Lesson Details

  • Basic position 基本滑雪姿勢
  • Side stepping (uphill & downhill) 穿著滑雪用具時在雪地上走動
  • Straight runs of natural stop直線滑行
  • Get up while fall down on slope 跌倒時之正確起身方法
  • Gliding wedge基本八字式滑行
  • Control speed速度控制
  • Increase stability增加穩定性
  • Engage the edge of the ski 利用板邊壓雪
  • Turn the legs轉動腿部控制雪板

Beginner Course 初級課程 – Skiing Level 2

Pre-requisition : The skier has completed the foundation course (level 1) or able to control speed using Basic Wedge Turn in a stright line & comfortable on all green terrain 適合完成基礎課程或能夠於直線滑行時運用八字式控制速度之人仕

Lesson Details

Basic wedge turn 基本八字式轉彎

  • Rotation of both legs at a consistent rate to develop a turn shape for speed control

Advanced wedge turn 進階八字式轉彎(重心轉移)

  • The center of gravity balances more over the outside ski through the second half of the control phase of the turn

Intermediate Course 中級課程 – Skiing Level 3

Pre-requisition : The skier has completed the beginner course (level 2) or Wedge Turn ready to learn Parallel Turn and comfortable to ski on all blue terrain 適合完成初級課程或準備運用平衡式控制速度之人仕

Lesson Details


  • Using lower body control the skis & remain upper body stable during the turn

Wedge Christie turn 由”八字式”轉用”平衡式”之階段

  • During the second half of the turn the inside ski turns at a slightly faster rate to result in a parallel relationship with the outside ski

Advanced Course 高級課程 – Skiing Level 4

Pre-requisition : The skier has completed the intermediate course (level 3) & is able to perform the Wedge Christie Turns and want to study the pole plant and comfortable skiing on all red terrain 適合完成中級課程或準備運用全平衡式滑行之人仕

Lesson Details

Parallel Turn平衡式轉彎

  • Both skis and both legs move laterally and rotate in the same direction throughout the whole turn. The skis are brought to edge by steering the base of support away the path the center of gravity takes. The edge angle is controlled through inclination movements of the legs. The upper body then balances on these edges to create grip through the control and completion phases of the turn.

Skiing with pole plant 雪杖之運用

  • A pole plant is where the base of the pole is swung through the control and completion phases of the turn. So it touches the snow as the center of gravity passes over the base of support in the transition.