Snowboard Lesson

Our lesson covers all levels from beginners kick off to advanced players.


Foundation Course 基礎課程  – Snowboarding Level 1

Pre-requisition : First timer or been ride for a few time without taken any snowboard lesson 適合從未接觸單板滑雪之人仕

Lesson Details

  • Balance Body Position 基本滑行姿勢
  • Walking / Skating on flat terrain 平地滑行
  • Climbing / Descending on gentle slope 斜坡上走動
  • Straight runs of natural stop 直線滑行
  • Toe & Heel drag (with Hypnosis Turns) 於平地滑行時的煞停方法
  • Side slipping 橫板滑行
    • Crab Walk
    • Heel side
    • Toe side

Beginner Course 初級課程 – Snowboarding Level 2

Pre-requisition : The rider has completed the foundation course (level 1) or able to do the side slipping on green terrain 適合完成基礎課程或能夠利用橫板直線滑行控制速度之人仕

Lesson Details

  • Pendulum & Power Pendulum Exercise 鐘擺式滑行 (落葉式)
    • Heel side (正面滑行)
    • Toe side (背面滑行)

Intermediate Course 中級課程 – Snowboarding Level 3

Pre-requisition: The rider has completed the beginner course (level 2), ready to study linking basic turns. The rider is comfortable on all green terrain. 適合完成初級課程及準備運用【S】轉彎控制速度之人仕

Lesson Details

  • Isolated Beginner Turns 單邊轉彎【C turn】
    • Weight shift in the fall line
    • Heel side turn
    • Toe side turn
  •  Linked Novice Turns 聯繫轉彎【S turn】
    • Static Flexion / Extension exercise
    • Timing Coordination
    • Speed Control

Advanced Course 高級課程 – Snowboarding Level 4

Pre-requisition: The rider has completed the intermediate course (level 3) or Linked Novice turns, ready to study Carved turns. The rider is comfortable on all green terrain & be able to riding steeper terrain. 適合完成中級課程或能夠運用聯繫轉彎之人仕

Lesson Details

  • Carved Turns 割雪轉彎
    • Edge angle until carving occurs, utilizing the lower joints (angulation)
    • Pressure control skills as speed increases
    • Maintain a centred position over both feet, with weight distributed evenly